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21st century Learning & Qualifications

UK Skills is an enabler, an organisation dedicated to bringing  best practice, quality educational resources and innovative systems from the UK to India. These learning resources and systems will support the development, training and education of all communities in India and across the world; including e-Assessment, e-Learning and faculty/institution management. 

UK Skills works as a consultant, project manager, enabler, with partners in the UK, India and beyond to identify, develop and deploy quality, innovative, proven materials for training, learning and assessment.


UK SKILLS is a company registered in the UK as a not-for-profit organisation operating in the arena of the development, procurement and deployment of educational resources. 

It works in the UK and India on all areas of education, training and qualifications. 

UK Skills works with partners in the UK and India to bring together experience and expertise from across the educational and training world. It has the express commitment to provide reliable, realistic and worthwhile learning and assessment to all sectors of Indian society.

We work with our partners and affiliates to identify the most appropriate resources from the UK and beyond, tailor these to the requirements of Indian learners and work with local partners to provide 21st Century skills, knowledge and understanding for Indian students.

Our principal partner in India is the Education for Employment Foundation a not-for-profit; section 25 company. 


Our partners have been pioneering exciting approaches to assisting young people and other communities achieve their full potential. They aim to ease the problems of Indian youth development and unemployed and underemployed communities. 

By garnering the support of business, government, education and civic leaders, Education for Employment Foundation creates a sustainable, independent local foundation that run training and job placement programs

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