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What We Do

UK Skills has a long experience in developing and delivering learning, assessment and qualifications. We have a clear focus on new technology leading to the new approaches needed to meet the demands from developing countries for skills development.

We are a not for profit provider with rigourous and robust quality assurance processes that lead   to learning and qualifications that work for the learner, the provider, the employer and the stakeholders.

We work in many sectors and at all levels, providing qualifications, training and education for skills development.

We have the highest standards of quality control and assurance and confidently boast effective and efficient  quality management procedures, processes and systems. These form the backbone of our delivery of assessment, learning, training and qualifications.

Our approved centres are accredited, monitored and supported through a professional team with long experience in vocational, professional and technical qualifications. We work with our centres to ensure fully compliant procedures, trained and maintained staffing levels and adequate operational management and systems support to meet the expectations of learners, clients and the training profession

What we do

  • Identify and localise: resources, learning, training, assessments, certification and institutional accreditation that are appropriate to the needs of learners and society

  • Recognise, evaluate, specify, develop, procure, test, train for and deploy: standards, qualifications, systems, services and resources that serve India

  • Use: Project and risk management of progammes, projects and activities to improve co-operation between UK and Indian organisations, institutions and bodies

  • Promote: innovation and new technologies, the use of best practice and the sharing of knowledge and understanding to support communication and improve co-operation

Our values are integrity, innovation, knowledge. Bringing together best practice, experience and expertise from across the UK and India for the benefit of Indians, Indian Society and Indian Economy. We will do this in a transparent, trustworthy, honourable ground-breaking and reliable manner.

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