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We are delighted to announce that UK Skills and SchoolVue formed

working partnership in 2019. 

Our Ambition is to bring the power of Data Analytics to classrooms

around the world  driving up the performance of students,

class-rooms and schools. SchoolVue is an outstanding, easy to use,

online analytics tool which has been developed in partnership

with UK schools. Many of the features and ideas have come from

the very senior leaders and classroom teachers who use it.


contact us at:   or visit the website:

School Data Usage UK - the background
“The intelligent use of data affects the work of all professionals involved in education


There can be no going back to the days when decisions were made on hunches and anecdotal information

But we have to present and explain data in ways which inspire trust and confidence, and lead to appropriate choices and judgement being made. Using data, improving schools is intended to help everyone involved in school improvement achieve this goal.

Christine Gilbert, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector, Ofsted, Office for Standards in Education, UK, Using data, improving schools

The Benefits



  • Students and Parents: Parents and carers to help them make important decisions with their children 
    appropriate and timely data can help parents, carers and children to understand what is going on in
    a school and, if necessary, to ask probing questions about its performance

  • Schools: School performance data matter because they provide the basis for schools’ accountability
    to their users and the local community, for their own monitoring and self evaluation and for
    their planning for improvement. Such data also inform judgements about whether a school
    is providing value for money. Fits perfectly alongside your MIS or ERP systems.

  • Local Government: Local authorities to monitor the performance of the schools under their control,
    to plan for improvement and to allocate resources


contact us at:    or visit the website:

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Transforming data into wisdom programme

enroll for groundbreaking webinar today

This webinar explores best practices with regards to the collection and analysis of student information. Our key data themes of Academic, Behavioural and Communication will be introduced. Topics such as judging progress, the school data cycle and use of analytics tools will be covered. A great opportunity for senior leaders to reflect on current practices.

When: 25th August 2021 3.15pm – 5.15pm (GST)
Price: £30 per school - Up to three delegates per school
Target Audience: Head of the Board, Head of School, Head of Assessment, Senior Leaders

DOWNLOAD more information and booking form here

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