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Areas of expertise for UK Skills

Transforming ITI's into Centre of Excellence

Design, delivery and accrediation of UK Qualifications

Technical, vocational and professional training

Digital currculum and assessment (e-Learning and e-Assessment

Auditing and accreditation of training and education providers

Faculty Management

Selection, development and localisation of content for education and training

Entreprenuership training 

LIteracy, Numeracy and Digital Literacy training

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UK Skills Certified Courses in

  • Animal Care

  • Air Conditioning and Refrigerator work

  • Assitant Nursing

  • Banking and Insurance

  • Beauty and Wellness

  • Business and Enterprise

  • Catering and Hospitality

  • Childcare and Early Years

  • Computing and IT

  • Contruction and Sustainability

  • Creative Design and Media

  • Engineering and Motor Vehicle

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy

  • Health and Social Care

  • Logisitics

  • Marine Fisherman

  • Music and Performing Arts

  • Plumbing

  • Renewable Energy

  • Security and Housekeeping

  • Sports Development and Fitness

  • Travel and Tourism

  • Teacher Training (Vocational and Academic)

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