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The Excutive Team at UK SKILLS Ltd.

Dr Tejwant Chhatwal is a qualified developmental psychologist and a scholar from Stanford University, specialising in Multiple Intelligence Practice; certified soft skill trainer by Carnegie Mellon University. He has conducted over 2700 workshops more than 800 institutions. He has developed a diagnostic testing system to obtain a rich and descriptive understanding of a person's Multiple Intelligences Analysis Tool. Mr. Chhatwal is a visiting Faculty member to 36 universities across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America and 27 schools (primary to secondary level). He is involved with Stanford University and V Campus, Singapore for an off shore Holiday Camp for Gifted Children. Mr. Chhatwal was an entrepreneur in the areas of Security, Fashion and Hospitality sectors from 1988 to 2001.

Jeff Ross is an Independent Prince II project manager and consultant with expertise in e-Assessment, e-learning and the use of IT and internet technologies in  education, learning and training, including instructional design and qualification development. Previously he was a senior manager with a major awarding body, where he was responsible for change management programmes associated with the introduction of ICT solutions to the delivery of education services and qualifications. His background is in IT, education, publishing, logistics and business operations. Jeff is Assessment Adviser and emeritus director

Andrew Kerr is trained as a business consultant specialising in cross border trade and has held  positions with CGS and schools and Universities both in the UK and overseas. He advises individuals on tax and finance and has maintained a keen interest in the development of the use of technology in vocational education. He has lectured internationally on his interests and vocational education and brings a business and marketing focus to UK Skills 

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Dr Mark Evans was born in Wales, and went to state schools in Cardiff. He took the IB at the United World College of the Atlantic, then studied Psychology at Oxford University for his BA and his first Masters degree. He trained as teacher at the Institute of Education in London. He has been an educator and a champion of the highest education standards ever since.  He now has three masters degrees and completed his doctoral studies, on the role of Public-Private Partnerships in raising standards in education.  He has taught in nursery, primary, secondary, further, higher and special education.  For eight years, he was headteacher of a service that provided for emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children of all ages.  In 1995, he became the youngest school inspector in the UK.  The following year, he helped set up a company that inspects schools for the UK government, both in the UK and overseas. That company, Penta International, is the leading provider of inspections for British Schools Overseas (BSO). In 2016, he set up the first training centre in Dubai to focus on the lowest paid workers – there are now three branches of the FilBrit Training Centres in the UAE, and more in Europe. He travels, lectures, consults, trains, supports, inspects and conducts reviews.  He considers himself the luckiest person in education.

Jon Munt is the founder and Director of SchoolVUE and Covue’s Education Services providing outstanding support and advice for our education customers in the variety of areas. A former Maths Advanced Skills Teacher and School Leader,  Jon has immense experience and understanding of school leadership,  curriculum, assessment and teaching, and a proven track record of designing, implementing and managing cutting edge technology and data services for the Education and Private sector.

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Senior Advisor

John Kerr is former CEO of the Edexcel Foundation. John trained as a lawyer and held senior positions with the London Stock Exchange and FSA before his career in education.  At the Edge Foundation John sponsored 3 city academies and commissioned the Edge Hotel School. John is advisor and strategy consultant for a number of government  agencies  and private education bodies in UK and internationally.

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