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ReadingWise International Courses and UK Skills Ltd 
‘From Illiteracy to Employability’ – our 21st Century Programmes

Our courses will take anyone from complete illiteracy all the way up to full employability. 

We believe this is the only sustainable route out of poverty and deprivation. 

Our programs have been used all over India, and in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and the UK.  

ReadingWise International and UK Skills deliver unique and desperately needed learning programs that no one else has built. Ideal for NGOS, corporates and schools. 

We teach illiterates to read, struggling readers to read fluently, the shy to speak, teachers to teach effectively, and students to learn everything twice as fast.

Our courses are life-changing.  300,000 children and adults have now graduated from ReadingWise courses.

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What are we offering?
We are a collaboration between Indian and UK social enterprise organisations, creating and offering world-class literacy, life skills, English language and accelerated learning programs for both learners and teachers. 

Over the last few years, we have been involved in the following projects:     

•    Making lakh’s of adults literate in the poorest rural areas of northern India.
•    Training teachers to use accelerated learning techniques in central India.
•    Enabling tens of thousands of children to read and write English in central India.
•    Enabling 15,000 UK schoolchildren with reading difficulties learn to read fluently 
•    Enabling 45,000 unemployed below-poverty-line youths in India to get jobs after we trained them in English and life skills. 
•    Enabling schoolchildren in Sri Lanka to read and speak English.

How do our courses work? 

1.    All the content is in online multimedia software programs.
2.    The students coach each other in pairs and groups.
3.    Teachers are there to facilitate, and ensure that students speak English only
4.    Vocabulary learning is made easy by a battery of accelerated memory techniques.
5.    The courses covers speaking and listening and reading and writing.
6.    There are many vocabulary lessons.  Grammar lessons are kept to a minimum. 


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Dr Victor Lyons, Inventor of the Tara Akshar, LearningWise English and ReadingWise English Literacy Programs

Our Courses include

LearningWise English Course - a multimedia program that addresses the following areas:, Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening. Using the uses the ReadingWise learning method for accelerated learning it suitable for both children and adults. It works on PCs and tablets (Android) and large-screen smartphones.  A battery of 40+ study and classroom techniques enable learners to absorb large amounts of data rapidly with minimal effort. It is intended for use in a blended environment where students coach each other (peer learning), all the content is in the program, and the teacher’s role is that of facilitator

TeachingWise courses, to train teachers to be facilitators, who get students to teach themselves from the multimedia material given

ConfidenceWise courses, to give students the confidence to express themselves in speaking and writing without fear of mistakes; helping the shy and introverted, to face other people, to control conversations, to handle criticism, and how not to be put off by others.

OrganisationWise courses, to develop an organisation-wide approach to improve Staff working together to following instructions, reporting accurately, focussed on solutions rather than problems, using analysis based on evidence.

Plus numerous other employability and life skill courses from numeracy skills, to morals and ethics.

Change the lives of people today. 

Contact us now to find out how you can join us on this exciting and ground breaking new approach.                                                        
Contact us today for more information

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